Friday, January 23, 2009

Over the last few months I’ve had this great desire to slap – real hard. Some obvious slapworthy souls at work. Simi Garewal. The Booker jury (or whatever they are called). Aamir Khan (no, not for Ghajini – haven’t watched it – but for saying he did not “understand” Memento).

But all these fade in comparison to my violent urge to slap, while watching Barkha Dutt interview the Slumdog guys. Rocking in her chair in glee (you wonder why) she asks Danny Boyle why he made this film.

Bombay (he probably said Mumbai), the energy of the city, blah and blah…

(Now I like Danny Boyle, don’t get me wrong. Years ago he made this really cool film named Trainspotting. So it’s not Boyle I wanted to slap.)

Blah and blah. And it’s not really the money…after his win he’s alone, at this station…

Wrong word there, Danny boy. You shouldn’t have mentioned “station”. But how would you know! How would any of us know! Except, of course, Ms Dutt.

From sheer glee to the deepest pensive look I’ve seen her wear in recent times (usually she’s always frothing at the mouth), she adds: Ironic isn’t it (or, strange isn’t it)…how a few months ago, it was this same station that witnessed the terrorist attack…


You could almost see her hoping to conjure up this little inset on the screen, showing her brave coverage of the attack at VT. Poor dear, how was she to know back then that VT featured in Slumdog. Or that Slumdog would be where it is now. Or else, she would've definitely taken a 10-minute break from the Gateway to drop in at the station and drool over the blood-stained platforms.

Small mercies.

P.S. I do think the Taj at Apollo Bunder is an icon and this post is not about 26/11.